Two ads made for Magazine and Social Media Advertising for University of Miami – School of Communication

DARE Society Ceausescu Villa Videomapping and Videocontent

DARE Society is a brand concept and store for luxury goods. This was their annual event, held in the garden of villa of the former communist leader Nicolae Ceausecu. They had live bands and dj, and wanted to videomap the house for the first time in history. Also I created alot of content for the sponsors.

Tazz by Emag TVCs

2021 & 2022 were the years we created two TV commercials for Tazz by Emag, our partner. The videos were produced and edited in house, following scenarios from the client’s copywriter Catalin Georgescu. Direction & Production: Radu Radulescu. VFX, editing, colorisation and motiongraphics: Ciprian Branco-Miheev & Radu Radulescu. DOP: Catalin Popescu – Grasu. Produced in 360Revolution Studios.

short movie

Short Movie – The Runaway Soldier

In 2010 I played the main and only role in a short movie production for a UNATC festival. The movie was about a runaway soldier who gets shot by his followers and dies in a forest.

Various Prints

Uncategorised prints made during various projects.

Sobranie Imaginarium

KV proposals for Sobranie Imaginarium, activation by Sobranie @ Neversea

Dakino Film Festival

While working as an Art Director @ GAV, Iwas in the team who played with the Dakino brand for some nice results.


Mercury360 was the place I worked for Ursus/Timisoreana BTL Account and alos on some CSR projects.

Novartis Zologensma

This exhibition booth was designed for the Zologensma medication by Novartis. Because of the pandemic issues, the booth had to be visited online only, so I transformed the classic exhibition booth into a interractive one.

Check it out here: link

Martinez Pension

Just another holiday destination on Prahova Valley. Logo done by me.