Novartis Zologensma

This exhibition booth was designed for the Zologensma medication by Novartis. Because of the pandemic issues, the booth had to be visited online only, so I transformed the classic exhibition booth into a interractive one.

Check it out here: link

BMS Exhibition Booth

Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) is an American pharmaceutical company, headquartered in New York City which manufactures prescription pharmaceuticals and biologics in several therapeutic areas, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc. For this project they wanted an innovative and futuristic exhibition stand to express their brand assets. Capabilities for this project: Visual Concept & Design, 3d modelling & rendering, Production Assistance. Collab with medical advertising agency.

Object design & 3d projects

This is a collection of various 3d projects I have worked over the years, projects that are better grouped with others, as most of them are small or never been put in to practice, remaining just a concept. Some of them won their place in the real world. Nevertheless, they deserve to be seen, as they involved some specific skills and thinking.

Microsoft Romania Virtual Conference

2021 was the year of all kind of virtual events. Many companies moved to online to hold their every year conferences, exhibitions, and so on. This time we realised a multi disciplinary project for Microsoft Romania – their annual conference, but in a virtual set up. The set up was modelled and rendered in 3ds max and blender before the event took place. The speakers and their guests were shot in 360Revolution studios and composited on the virtual set up with matching camera angles and DOF. The event took 2 days, with 6-8 hours daily, and had many famous speakers and politicians from around the world.

Capabilities for this project: 3d modelling & rendering, video editing, compositing, graphics.

Materials are protected by copyright laws.

Stellara Virtual Exbition Stand

Stellara is one of the brands of Janssen Immunology. It handles immunity issues. For this project they wanted a virtual exhibition stand to present their product, because of Covid 19 making it impossible to hold a real exbition in a real exposition center. Collab with medical advertising agency.

SSAB interactive website

As part of the Advero agency in 2005, I was in the team responsible for creating the new interactive website for SSAB, one of the largest industrial and luxury construction solutions in Romania. The website was in fact a virtual 3d house, in which the visitors can walk trough and click/explore almost anything. Capabilities for this project: Interior Design, 3d Modelling & Rendering.

Copou Bellevue Branding & Campaign

While working for Advero agency in 2006, I was in the team responsible for creating the Copou Bellevue (luxury neighbourhood) brand, advertising campaigns, interior design, 3d renderings/interactive guided tours for the new website and graphic concepts for their selling points. Capabilities for this project: Graphic Design, Interior Design, 3d Modelling & Rendering, Video editing

Huawei display stand

In the context of growing larger and rebranding, Huawei wanted a fresh, modern design for some exhibition stands they will install in some cultural locations. Capabilities for this project: Visual Concept, 3d modelling & rendering, Design. Company: 360Revolution

FRM’s headquarter redesign

“Romania de Maine” Foundation is one of the biggest and oldest cultural foundations in Romania, fathering the Spiru Haret University, RM Television, Radio, and much more. As 2019 they wanted a redesign and transformation in a social hub of their main building in the Center of Bucharest. Starting from CAD files of the architects, a new interior design was made for each space/room. Capabilities for this project: Ambiental Design, Visual Concept, 3d modelling & rendering, Graphic Design, Hand Drawing

Roche Exhibition Stand

Roche is a pioneer in healthcare founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland. Today, they create innovative medicines for millions of patients globally. For this exhibition stand they wanted to show that mother Nature and its resources is one of the main principles in Roche activity. Capabilities for this project: Visual Concept, 3d modelling & rendering, Production Assistance. Company: Medical Agency in Bucharest