DARE Society Ceausescu Villa Videomapping and Videocontent

DARE Society is a brand concept and store for luxury goods. This was their annual event, held in the garden of villa of the former communist leader Nicolae Ceausecu. They had live bands and dj, and wanted to videomap the house for the first time in history. Also I created alot of content for the sponsors.

Tazz by Emag TVCs

2021 & 2022 were the years we created two TV commercials for Tazz by Emag, our partner. The videos were produced and edited in house, following scenarios from the client’s copywriter Catalin Georgescu. Direction & Production: Radu Radulescu. VFX, editing, colorisation and motiongraphics: Ciprian Branco-Miheev & Radu Radulescu. DOP: Catalin Popescu – Grasu. Produced in 360Revolution Studios.

Videomapping and visual content

Since 2015 I started to collaborate with the biggest organisers and clubs in Bucharest and through the major cities of the country. Lots of festivals, lots of parties and events, and even clubs residency for some time (Colectiv, Eden Club, Kristal Club). Worth mentioning is the collab with Golan band. Most decorations and props were built by me/ my team, but some were already in the clubs.

Monumente Animate

Seven important statues and monuments from Bucharest were transformed in to cinemagraphs digital artworks and exhibited at Stirbey Palace in an exhibition which was part of Internetics festival and was sponsored by Samsung. The photos have been taken by Cristian Vasile and the concept and digital artworks were made by me. The exhibition was very wide covered by the media and received a lot of positive criticism and feedback. Some press links about the event here:

Premier Jewellery Branding

Premier Jewellery is a romanian jewel and accesories producers and is one of the few in Europe to use very modern 3d printing technology. They needed a new brand to market their new products, and this is what they have chosen as visual branding.

Microsoft Romania Virtual Conference

2021 was the year of all kind of virtual events. Many companies moved to online to hold their every year conferences, exhibitions, and so on. This time we realised a multi disciplinary project for Microsoft Romania – their annual conference, but in a virtual set up. The set up was modelled and rendered in 3ds max and blender before the event took place. The speakers and their guests were shot in 360Revolution studios and composited on the virtual set up with matching camera angles and DOF. The event took 2 days, with 6-8 hours daily, and had many famous speakers and politicians from around the world.

Capabilities for this project: 3d modelling & rendering, video editing, compositing, graphics.

Materials are protected by copyright laws.

Tazz by Emag promo movies

2021 saw the launch of a new delivery app/service, sustained by Emag, the famous webmarket website. As an Senior Creative I was in charge of director assistance, video editing, motion graphics and production. The video production was made in association with ArtFocus International – Petre Nastase Director and Tibi Rotarescu DOP.

Imapp International Mapping Festival

While working for 360Revolution as a Senior Art Director I had the challenge (between 2017 – 2020) to create some unique promotion and on set video/print materials for this famous Video Mapping Contest/Festival that takes places every year in Constitutiei Square, where the videos are projected on the huge Peoples Palace/ Parliament Building, which is one of the biggest building in the world.

more infos about the festival here:

3d Virtual Sets & Video compositing – 360Revolution Studios Promo

As Co-Vid Pandemic is hitting the third wave, we are still in different types of quarantine. So Virtual Production has almost replaced conventional live (event) production. While working as a Creative Director @ 360Revolution, together with my team, I have built some 3d studios/stages where we composited footage from our green screen studios, to make production easier, cheaper and more mesmerizing.

Love Fortune Teller

While working as an Sr. Art Director for 360Revolution I had the opportunity to be in the team who realised this beautiful project for Bucharest Mall. It is an interactive installation which scans the palms of couples and based on readings it measures their compatibility. Also takes a picture of them and brands it with Valentine’s Day graphics and Mall logo, and sends it to email.